The Kentucky Krafts Story


Originally established as a small home based business to make items for craft shows, Kentucky Krafts has evolved and become the outlet for the production and sale of the Art and Photography of Artist, Walt Sullivan.

Direct from the Artist!

Walt Sullivan started his artistic career early in his life.  Throughout his Middle and High School years he honed his talents in the art mediums of pen and ink, charcoal, water color and oil.  As times changed, so did Walt.  He moved into graphic design through screen printing design and production.  

As the years progressed and technology changed, Walt expanded his skills in the area of graphic design to

include commercial design and computer generated design work.  Walt has always been bold and unique in

his designs.  In 1988 he produced PRESIDENT QUAYLE, a take off of Edvard Munch's woodcut " The Scream " and inserted PRESIDENT QUAYLE for effect.   

Sensing that the political scene was ripe for some new and different statements, Walt hit hard with his "Friends Don't Let Friends" series.   His designs have been written about and featured in Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Time, Washington Post, Washington Times, Washington City Paper, Harpers, The Nation, PhilDonahue Show, and many others too numerous to mention here.

In recent years, Walt has concentrated on the commercial aspects of Graphic Arts.  However, he has returned to his artistic roots and has grown to include photography as a medium for expression.  His series on the Covered Bridges of Kentucky and other states, is the beginning of a wide ranging portfolio of scenic and sometimes historic places in our country.  Meanwhile, he hasn't forgotten the background where this collection of photos came from.  His phenomenal body of water colors and pen and ink drawing defy description in their photo like quality.  

A talented artist, Kentucky Krafts is honored to have Walt on board and we are thrilled to present his work to the public.

All images are used with the permission of the artist.  The images are copyright protected by the artist and all rights are reserved by the artist.